Vol. 40

Multi-Dimensional Effectiveness of Regional Development Policy. Implementation:

Evaluation Scheme for the Opole Voivodeship, Editors Karina Bedrunka, Krzysztof Malik (gratis book)


Chapter 1. Regional development strategy and its operationalisation programmes in the 2004-2013 financial perspecyives.

Chapter 2. Sustaintable development as a criterion for evaluating the integrated implementation of the regional development policy.

Chapter 3. Assessment of the multi-dimensional effectiveness as a tool for evaluating the implementation of regional development strategy.

Vol. 39

Rural Development and EU Cohesion Policy, Editors Wioletta Kamińska, Krystian Heffner


Introduction – Krystian Heffner, Wioletta Kamińska

Krystian Heffner – Directions of Changes in the Development of Polish Rural Areas - Entering into European Rural Space

Zbigniew Zioło – Functioning of the Rural Areas in the Structure of Geographic Space

Marcin Wójcik – Rural Space and the Concept of Modernisation. (Case Study of Poland)

Wioletta Kamińska, Mirosław Mularczyk – Assessment of the Economic Cohesion of the Rural Areas in Poland. A Dynamic and Spatial Approach

Danuta Kołodziejczyk – A Territorial Perspective on the Economic and Social Cohesion of Communes in Poland

Brygida Solga – The Importance of International Return Migration in Rural Development

Andrzej Miszczuk, Magdalena Miszczuk – Financial Determinants of Rural Areas Development in the Period 2014-2020

Wioletta Kamińska – Structural Transformation of Education Level in Rural Poland – A Spatial Approach

Roman Rudnicki – Changes in Land Use Structure of Agricultural Holdings in Poland in Light of Comparative Analysis of National Agricultural Censuses of 2002 and 2010

Piotr Łysoń – Comprehensive Rural Development Policy – A Non-agricultural Perspective (the Case of Poland)

Józef Stanisław Zegar – Agriculture of the Eastern Region in Light of CSO Data

Iwona Kiniorska – Internal Development Conditions in Rural Areas of Eastern Poland

Iwona Kopacz-Wyrwał – Spatial Diversity in Living Standards in the Rural Areas of Eastern Poland

Anna Kołodziejczak – Effect of EU Financial Assistance on the Level of Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas of the Wielkopolskie Voivodeship during the Period 2007-2012

Monika Wesołowska – The Development of Tourism in Rural Areas in the Lubelskie Voivodeship

Mirosław Mularczyk – Changes of Functional Urban Hierarchy in Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship vs. Functions of Their Rural Surrounding

Adam Jarubas – The Cohesion Policy and Rural Development in Poland – an Outline

Vol. 38

Spatial Inequality and Cohesion

Tadeusz Marszał, Iwona Pielesiak (Eds.)


Tadeusz Marszał, Iwona Pielesiak - Introduction

Iwona Pielesiak - Spatial Dimension of Cohesion and the Methods of Its Assessment

Tadeusz Marszał - Some Remarks on Co-operation of Cities and Cohesion of Multipolar Mertopolitan Areas in Poland

Tomasz Parteka, Joanna Bach Głowińska - Smart Growth Is It a Fairy Tale or the Best Initiative for Polish Cities and Their Functional Regions?

Vol. 37       The Impact of Shopping Malls on the Outer Metropolitan Zones

( the Example of Silesian Voivodeship )

Krystian Heffner, Małgorzata Twardzik Eds.


Abstract Introduction (Krystian Heffner, Małgorzata Twardzik)

Chapter I: External Metropolitan Zone (Krystian Heffner)

1. External metropolitan zone: definition, basic characteristics

2.Small towns and rural areas in the external metropolitan zone

3.Functional and spatial changes in towns and rural areas

     in the external metropolitan zone

Chapter II. Shopping mall within the structure of retail and service chain (Małgorzata Twardzik)

VOL. 36 




Introduction – Wioletta Kamińska, Krystian Heffner

Krystian Heffner - The Rural Labour Markets in Poland – Shrinking Resources or Endless Reserves

Monika Stanny - Typology of Peripheral Rural Areas - Anatomic Approach

Danuta Kołodziejczyk - The Spatial Diversity of Water and Sewer Systems in Polish Rural Areas in the 1995-2010 Period

Roman Rudnicki - Spatial Differences in the Use of European Funds by Agricultural Holdings in Poland in the Years 2002-2010

Krzysztof Janc, Konrad Czapiewski The Internet as a Development Factor of Rural Areas and Agriculture –Theory vs. Practice